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Aspendale Gardens Medical Centre

COVID-19 Update

A thank you firstly to all our patients who have expressed concerns regarding our own health and exposure here at Aspendale Gardens Medical Centre. Your well wishes and concerns are most appreciated.
We can assure you that all measures are being taken to minimise any risk to our staff as well as to our wonderful and loyal patients during these difficult times.
Changes that have been made are as follows:
  • Whilst normal consultations are available, face to face, all patients are also eligible for telephone consultations which are bulk billed. These appointments can be made online via this website or by calling the clinic (03) 9773 1100
  • All patients are vetted for any signs of Covid-19 and will still be seen, although will be called whilst in our car park to obtain a history and examined in our marquee if necessary, specifically erected for this purpose.
  • Testing for Covid-19 is conducted on site if necessary (specific guidelines for who is eligible and should be tested can be found here)
  • The clinic waiting room has been modified to allow social distancing, as well as the consulting rooms.
  • Cleaning of any surface potentially touched by patients has been markedly increased and is done with sanitizer which destroys essentially all infectious organisms.
  • Strict handwashing between patients is adhered to, sometimes multiple times within the one consultation.
  • Hand sanitiser is available at the front desk for our patients to use.
  • Payments are made by non-touch methods.
More information about Covid-19 can be found at the Department of Health website here.

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